The 2.4Ghz wireless bell push uses radio transmission to communicate between a passenger bell push and the vehicle mounted receiver. Conventionally, this would have been done by running cables around the vehicle, and connecting the passenger bell pushes to a central control unit. This process requires expensive labour and adds additional weight to the vehicle, and therefore additional running cost. To overcome these disadvantages, the system uses a small radio transmitter mounted in each bell push and a single receiver to interface with the vehicle electrical system, thus eliminating the need for cables. NO WIRES. NO BATTERIES. This system features the latest technology operating within a globally accepted wireless transmission frequency. The wireless bell push unit is designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally on the handrail of the vehicle. The seatback wireless bell push unit can be mounted on the internal surface of a seat or the side panel of the vehice, has a compact design and a ‘universal’ fit for various seatbacks. The simple screw fixing design extends the installation opportunities to the vehicle manufacturer.