Choosing LED Lighting for Your Light Duty or Heavy Duty Trucks

Choosing LED Lighting for Your Light Duty or Heavy Duty Trucks  When considering LED lighting for your truck or fleet of trucks, start with the type of truck you are operating. A light duty truck will have completely different lighting requirements than a heavy duty truck in most cases. Start here with our guide on the […]

Strategies for Keeping Your Bus Passengers Safe: Reducing Accidents and Improving Service

In the transportation industry, protecting passengers has to be a high priority. For example, within the bus industry, it is critical to take every step possible to minimize falls and other accidents that increase liability insurance costs and drive passengers away to other services. In an industry that needs to increase passengers, working from a […]

Light Up The Night: Benefits of LED Light Bars

When upgrading your off-road vehicle with lighting stay on the brighter side of the law with compliant and road-legal lights. Here at Hamsar, we want to help you invest in the right lighting. Start with longer-lasting, light-emitting diodes (LED) light bars to improve the safety and visibility of your off-road vehicle after dusk. Discover the […]