The primary function of Hamsar’s Mechanical Engineer is to research and develop new products and to improve the design, functionality or production process of existing products.   The Product Manager reports to the Vice-President of Engineering and is accountable to aid in the profitable growth of the company’s product line by meeting direct customer needs and addressing current market trends.

The following outlines the functions, requirements and responsibilities of the Mechanical Engineer.

Research & Product Development:

Participate in the project cycle of research, design, development, testing and utilization of electrical/mechanical components, mechanisms, materials, and circuitry pertinent to the area of Electrical, Mechanical or Electronic product development.

  • Research, plan, and design electrical and electromechanical products
    • Analyze and validate design or theory of concept
    • Gather all necessary information to develop a final design
    • Calculate dimensions, capacities or qualities by applying mathematical formulas
    • Develop preliminary sketches or schematics, layout, detail and assembly drawings
  • Aid in the preparation of engineering specifications using applicable software programs
    • Designs
    • Drawings
    • Layouts
  • Appropriately document control systems, wiring and configuration
  • Prototype Development
    • Identify part requirements
    • Secure sample materials as required
    • Build prototype according to engineering specifications
    • Test & record pertinent details
    • Aid in customer presentation and testing as required
  • Product / Prototype Design Modification
    • Aid engineering to rectify design or operational product issues
      • Update documentation as required
    • Work directly with customers to modify or enhance new and existing products
    • Identify possible improvements for existing products
    • Complete work according to industry, government and engineering principles and practices

 Product Testing:

  • Using available tools and test equipment to ensure products meet:
    • Compliance criteria for SAE, DOT, e-mark or PPAP as required
    • ISO 9001 2000 quality objectives
    • Customer specific requirements
    • Where tools or test equipment are not available
    • Develop test jigs
    • Source additional equipment
    • Test Reports
    • Accurately record, document and graph test results
    • Provide applicable Test Reports – Internal Departments & to Customers


  • For each new product, provide to production: (black binder)
    • Layout drawings
    • List of B.O.M. components
    • Work instructions to manufacture product
  • For each modified product, provide updated:
    • Layout drawings
    • O.M. Components
    • Work instructions to manufacture product
  • Determine production processes required to meet objectives:
    • Quality
    • Cost
  • Troubleshoot product issues
    • Take immediate corrective action
    • Review process for long term solution


  • Customer Interaction:
    • Aid in determining customer product requirements
  • Aid in customer testing of prototypes
  • Routine communication during project cycles
    • Directly with customer
    • Through Customer Service/Sales dept.
  • Travel to customer site as required
  • Effective Communication with all internal departments pertaining to:
  • Management
    • Project meetings, updates
    • Regular progress reports
  • Customer Service/Sales
    • Communicate applicable information to aid in the sales cycle
  • Quality Assurance
    • Aid in the development of standard test procedures for new/modified products
      • Incoming raw material inspection requirements
      • Manufacturing production testing
      • Finished goods inspection
    • Purchasing
      • Provide detailed material and component requirements
      • Provide vendor selection information as available
      • Provide costing details as available
    • Maximizer – Internal Customer Care System

Ensure customer/vendor/internal information and documentation is available to all Hamsar employees

  • Track Correspondence / Documentation
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Faxes
  • Effective use of Calendar & Hotlist Tasks

Health and Safety and Environmental:

Observe health and safety and environmental requirements of the company while on the job at all times.  Wear protective equipment as required and report any unsafe actions to supervisor immediately

Additional duties pertaining to the position of product manager, as identified by management.