5 Ways LEDs are the Best Lights for Off-Roading

A good set of lights is a must when you’re off-roading. Whether you are joyriding over rough terrain or traveling down a long, dark road to a backcountry campsite, good visibility helps you have fun and stay safe. When it comes to lighting for off-roading, LEDs blow the competition away. Here are 5 reasons to switch to LEDs for your 4×4 or Jeep.

  1. LEDs are the Brightest Lights

The stock market lights that come with your 4×4 simply are not bright enough for nighttime off-roading. They are designed to supplement street lights. You may think that high beams are adequate for lighting, but that’s just not true. When you’re on a trail in the woods, high beams aren’t sufficient for visibility.

LED lights shine brighter than halogen or high intensity discharge lights, which makes them the best choice for aftermarket lights for off-roading. You may be tempted to try halogen bulbs instead, since they’re widely available and low cost, but the faint yellow light they emit won’t really help you when you need to see clearly. Save yourself time and effort and start out with the best lighting for off-roading.

  1. LEDs are Durable

LED lights are pricey but durable, which makes them a good investment. As any serious off-roader knows, it’s better to invest in the right equipment at the outset — something you know you can rely on when you’re out in the woods — than to get by with inadequate 4×4 lighting that needs frequent replacement.

LEDs have more in common with circuit boards than they do with light bulbs. If you picture the typical light bulb, then you see how easily it can shatter when you’re on rough roads. LEDs can handle vibrations and impact without breaking. The last thing you want to worry about when off-roading is whether you’ll break a critical piece of equipment you need to stay safe, so the durability of LEDs is key.

  1. LEDs Have Longevity

LEDs are not only brighter and more durable, they outlast the competition. You can expect that LED to last from 20,000 to 40,000 hours, depending on the quality and lighting output. When you think about their price point that way, it’s clear they are actually very efficient products.

Who knows? You might actually take those LED lights off your truck when you’re trading it in, to reuse the light on your new ride.

  1. LEDs are Energy Efficient

LEDs are far more energy efficient than other types of headlights. When it comes to your truck, the energy efficiency means that the lights won’t draw on your battery the way that halogen or xenon lights would. If you leave the lights on for visibility while off-roading — say, when setting up your campsite — you’ll never have to worry about the lights draining the battery. Without LEDs, there’s always the risk of needing a jump start.

  1. LEDs are Flexible

You’ll find an LED for nearly any configuration you need. Light bars are one of the most popular 4×4 lighting products, because they can be mounted on the grille, bumper, or roof. Since they are so versatile, light bars are one of the first lighting products people usually install.

Spotlights add a supplementary beam of focused light, which helps direct light to a specific area. A favorite use of spotlights is to show obstacles hiding up ahead, such as a large boulder you’ll need to go around or climb over. Spotlights can attach to the light bar or mount separately.

Fog lights or floodlights are intended to illuminate fog on the road. These sit level with the wheels, often embedded in the bumper. Fog lights also provide a wide-angle view of what might be lurking on the shoulder, such as a wild animal.

Driving lights blend the function of fog lights and spotlights by shining farther than a fog light would, without the same intensity of the spotlight. They add forward visibility to the road, so they’re a good all-purpose lighting upgrade for your off-road ride.

The flexibility of LED lighting products for off-roading means that whatever you’re looking for, you can find a quality product that’s as rugged as your off-roading plans. Now that you understand what sets LED lights apart from the rest, find the right product for your needs.