XWL-812 Power Burst

When extra light is needed, the XWL-812 POWER BURST LED Work Light delivers 100% MORE output; from 1500-3000 Lumens for 90 seconds. It has a built-in device, Electronic Thermal Management System, that monitors and self-regulates the LED lamp case temperature, thereby reducing heat output which improves LED service life. In addition, it has a built-in Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation (SSFM), which reduces the overall noise effect and interference with radios operating on FM or AM frequency (no radio interference). It does this by enabling the LED driver to constantly change operating frequency, which breaks down and distributes noise across a wider range of frequencies. Ideal applications: Golf course maintenance equipment, landscaping equipment, tow trucks, warehouse equipment, construction equipment, and any work or residential environments sensitive to over-illumination.

Features & Benefits
  • 1500 lumens-power burst to 3000 lumens
  • Die cast aluminum housing & polycarbonate lens – virtually unbreakable
  • IP68 / IP69K – dust protected and waterproof to 2m with the abilitiy to resist ingress of high temperature and water pressure
  • Low current draw – energy efficient, save on fuel costs as it consumes less energy (normal power level: 11W • power burst: 35W)
  • Constant current circuit draw – light does not dim even if voltage fluctuates
  • 3 beam patterns – get light where it’s needed for the job
  • 50,000+ hours LED service life & 5 year warranty – long lasting investment, quality product
  • Electronic Thermal Management System – self-regulates to prevent damage due to
  • Built in Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation (SSFM) – internal SSF improves EMC

Operating Voltage: 12 – 24Vdc

Operating Current: Normal: 0.91A @ 12Vdc | 0.45A @ 24Vdc  | Power Burst: 2.88A @ 12Vdc | 1.38A @ 24Vdc

Power Consumption: Normal: 11W | Power Burst: 35W

Temperature Range: -40°C to +60°C

IP Rating: IP68

Environmental Rating: IP69K

Weight: 0.7kg

Housing: Die Cast Aluminum – Black E-Coat

Lens: Automotive Optical Grade, Hard-Coated Polycarbonate

Polarity: Reverse Voltage Protected

Vibration Resistance: 10-500Hz @ 5Grms

Mounting: Swivel Bracket

EMC Rated: EMC EN 13309: 2010

Beam Patterns

Print      Spot Pattern

Print      Medium Flood Pattern

Print   Hybrid Spot/Flood Pattern

SKUs/Accessories Available
Part#ConnectorLumensVoltage Range
81655Tyco150012 - 24Vdc
81658Deutsch150012 - 24Vdc
81656Tyco150012 - 24Vdc
81659Deutsch150012 - 24Vdc
81657Tyco150012 - 24Vdc
81660Deutsch150012 - 24Vdc
81291HWHardware Package-U-Bolt & Bracket
98195Easy Grip Handle-Black/Orange/Yellow/Red/Blue