XWL-812 Blue LED Forklift Light

The XWL-812 Blue LED Forklift light produces a very visible blue light at 480nm (visible color spectrum), ideal for warehouse environments. The compact (4″x 4″), lightweight blue light raises awareness and safety of pedestrians in close proximity as it projects a distinct, bright blue  round beam pattern on the ground that is clearly visible to pedestrians, regardless of ambient noise. The beam pattern precedes the vehicle by 5 metres (16 feet), providing a visual warning before the vehicle is seen. The blue forklift light is ideal for forklifts, load trucks, AGV’s and other industrial vehicles operated in close proximity to pedestrians. IP67/IP69K, die-cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens.

Features & Benefits
  • At 480 nm on the visible color spectrum, the LED Blue Forklift light is very visible in indoor environments such as warehouses.
  • Ideal for forklifts, load trucks, AGV’s and other industrial vehicle used in close proximity to pedestrians
  • Beam precedes vehicle by 5 metres (16 feet)-provides visual warning to alert pedestrians of approaching machinery before it is heard or seen
  • Round beam pattern-blue round shape projected to the ground, alerts pedestrians of proximity to moving vehicle
  • Versatile & compact design-only 4″ x 4″, lightweight and mounts easily on the front or back of vehicle
  • 12-48Vdc-can be used on heavy duty machines

Operating Voltage: 12 – 48Vdc

Operating Current: 0.83A @ 12Vdc, 0.20A @ 48Vdc

Power Consumption: 10W

Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

IP Rating: IP67

Environmental Rating: IP69K

Weight: 0.707kg

Housing: Die Cast Aluminum-Black E-Coat

Lens: Automotive Optical Grade, Hard-Coated Polycarbonate

Beam Pattern: Spot

Polarity: Reverse Voltage Protected

Vibration resistance: 10-500Hz @ 5Grms

Mounting: U-Bracket

EMC Rated: EMC EN 13309: 2010

UL: 8750 (Tyco Connector Only)

SKUs/Accessories Available
Part#ConnectorLumensVoltage Range
82295/BTyco15012 - 48Vdc
82295/CDeutsch15012 - 48Vdc