LED Mini Light Bar

Compact, aerodynamic and super visible LED warning light bars. Compliance: SAE J845 Class 1.

Features & Benefits
  • Built-in 19 selectable flash patterns-highly visible, multiple configurations
  • Multiple unit synchronization-allows for consistency among vehicles
  • Full 360° light output with super wide angle optics-provides effective warning at all angles
  • Compact, low-profile design (2.9″ tall)-provides more stability and better weight distribution, as well as fuel savings
  • 100,000+ hours LED service life-lasts longer than traditional halogen, long term cost savings

Compliance: SAE J845 Class 1


Operating Voltage: 12Vdc

Operating Current: 1.6A @ 12Vdc (varies with flash pattern)

Max Current: 3.21 @ 12Vdc

Power Consumption: 19.2W (varies with flash pattern)

Max. Power Consumption: 38.4W





Red-Vcc: 30cm (18AWG)

Black-GND: 30cm (18AWG)

Blue-Flash Patterns & Sync: 30cm (18AWG)

Magnetic Mount-12V Auxiliary Power Outlet

Warning Patterns: 19 Flash Patterns

Bulb: High Intensity 1W LED x 30pcs

Fuse Recommended: 5A

In Stock Colour: Amber

Optional Colours: Red, Blue, Red/Blue

Compliance: SAE & CA13

SKUs/Accessories Available
81544LED Micro Light Bar-Permanent Bar12Vdc
81545LED Micro Light Bar-Magnetic Mount12Vdc
Compliance: J845 Class 1