7″ Round LED Headlight – Black Reflector

7” Round LED headlight, with H4 and H13 connector. Dedicated High and Low beam LED  deliver superior illumination and operational cost savings. Crisp, distinct LED beam pattern provides excellent driver night-time visibility.

SAE/DOT compliant.

Comes with wire harness anti-flicker adapter. Canadian made with 3 year warranty.

Drop-in replacement for 7″ round headlamp

Features & Benefits
  • Bright, white light-enhances illumination and reduces driver fatigue
  • Total internal reflector-improves driver’s visibility, enhancing safety
  • Integrated high/low beam-low beam remains illuminated when high beam selected
  • Extremely low current draw-energy efficient, save on fuel costs as it consumes less energy (13W)
  • Constant current circuit draw-light does not dim even if voltage fluctuates
  • 12Vdc & 24Vdc-can be used on light duty trucks to heavy duty vehicles
  • SAE/DOT compliant-compliant to US/CDN federal regulations
  • 30,000+ hours LED service life & 3 year warranty-long lasting investment quality product

* Professional installation is recommended. Each user is ultimately responsible to identify and perform tests & analysis necessary to assure that its finished parts incorporating Hamsar products will be safe and suitable for use under end-user conditions.


Operating Voltage: 12 – 24Vdc

Operating Current: 1.1A @ 12Vdc / 0.55A @ 24Vdc

Power Consumption: 13W

Temperature Range: -40°C to + 65°C

IP Rating: IP67

Weight: 1.5kg

Lens: Automotive Optical Grade, Hard-Coated Polycarbonate

Connection: 3 position connector

SAE/DOT Compliance: FMVSS108 and CMVSS108

SKUs/Accessories Available
Part#DescriptionVoltage Range
71077High/Low Beam 7" Round LED12 - 24Vdc 13W Single
71077/2High/Low Beam 7" Round LED12 - 24Vdc 13W Pair
71077/BHigh/Low Beam 7" Round LED12 - 24Vdc 13W Single
71077/B/2High/Low Beam 7" Round LED12 - 24Vdc 13 Pair
7016-CBHeadlight 7" Round Chrome Bezel