Headlight Assembly – 5″ x 7″ (200mm)

The 5 x 7 (200mm) Halogen Headlight Assembly delivers superior optics, improving driver visibility and enhances the look of the conventional utility vehicle. SAE/DOT compliant. Replacement for: H6052, H6054, 6052, 6053

Features & Benefits
  • Bright, white halogen light-delivers superior illumination, compared to traditional sealed beam headlights
  • Complex reflector technology-produces a longer, wider and larger beam of light, improving driver visibility and safety
  • Integrated high/low beam-low beam remains illuminated when high beam selected
  • Standard H4 connector-plug & play into existing sealed beam connection
  • Replaceable standard H7 & H1 bulbs-easily replace the bulb, not the entire unit, saving time and money
  • High temperature nylon reflector & polycarbonate lens-strong, durable & chip resistant
  • SAE/DOT compliant-compliant to US/CDN federal regulations
  • 2 year warranty-long lasting investment quality product

Operating Voltage: 12Vdc

Operating Current:

Low Beam-4.6A @ 12Vdc

High Beam-4.6A @ 12Vdc

Power Consumption: 

Low Beam-55W

High Beam-55W

Temperature Range: -20°C to + 65°C

IP Rating: IP65

Weight: 0.6kg

Lens: Automotive Optical Grade, Hard-Coated Polycarbonate

Connection: 3 position connector

Bulb: H1 12V 55W

H7 12V 55W

Housing: High Temperature Nylon Reflector

SAE/DOT Compliance: FMVSS108 and CMVSS108

SKUs/Accessories Available
Part#DescriptionVoltage Range
71022Headlight Assembly-Left12Vdc 55W
71023Headlight Assembly-Right12Vdc 55W
71024Headlight Assembly Kit-Includes 71022 & 7102312Vdc 55W
85045H1 Bulb12Vdc 55W-High Beam
85101H7 Bulb12Vdc 55W-Low Beam