New Product! XWL-812 Power Burst

Burlington, Ontario – Hamsar Diversco Inc. (HDI) is pleased to announce a new addition to the XWL-812 LED work light line, the XWL-812 POWER BURST. When extra light is needed, the XWL-812 Power Burst LED Work Light increases illumination output by 100% for 90 seconds.

With the press of a switch, bright white LED illumination increases from 1500 to 3000 Lumens, lighting up 100% more of the work area, improving operator and workers’ visibility. Supported by constant current circuit draw, light output will not dim even if voltage fluctuates.  LED service life is maintained with a built in Electronic Thermal Management System which monitors and self regulates LED lamp case temperature preventing overheating. The built in Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation reduces overall noise effect and interference with radios operating on FM or AM frequency .

Like all of the LED XWL series work lights the XWL-812 Power Burst LED Work Light is housed in die-cast aluminum and has a polycarbonate lens, making it virtually unbreakable. The 1500– 3000 lumen light draws .91 amps at 12 volts, operating at 12-24 volts and is available with Tyco or Deutsch connectors. The XWL-812 Power Burst Work Light is ideal for mining, construction, agriculture, military, and off road recreational vehicles.

XWL-812 Power Burst