Burlington, ON – Hamsar is pleased to announce the launch of ISF-313 and ISF-314 LED intrinsically safe flashlights as part of its growing line of LED flashlights. These two intrinsically safe LED flashlights produce impressive output and versatility of multiple operating modes and are compliant with UL, ATEX standards for hazardous locations. Both flashlights are Class 1, 2, 3 and Division 1 certified intrinsically safe.

The ISF-313 comes with a two-way position clip for convenient securing and provides impressive spot illumination at 124 lumen on high and 55 on low setting. The ISF-314 has a non-slip handle, excellent for handling in damp or wet conditions, and delivers 120 lumen on high and 31 lumen on low setting. Both flashlights are housed within robust durable casings have impact resistant lenses and push button tail end switch.  Practical, compact, dust protected and submersible to one meter of water, these LED intrinsically safe flashlights are ideal for operators in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, waste treatment plants, mines and anywhere an intrinsically safe source of portable illumination is required.

Hamsar Diversco Inc. manufactures and distributes a range of automotive lighting and innovative electronic solutions for the global O.E. and automotive aftermarket industry.

81313 (ISF-313) Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight | 124 Lumens

Part #81313 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight – 124 Lumens

Part# 81314- ISF-314 Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Part# 81314- Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight – 120 Lumens