The primary function of a Hamsar Supervisor is to ensure the smooth and productive operation of the assigned manufacturing area.  The Senior Printing Supervisor reports to the VP Operations.

The following describes the functions, duties and requirements of supervisor within the printing department:

Generates and provides production requirements and manufacturing schedules (ideally 2-3 weeks ahead).

  1. Work with customer service team to pull orders, Order & Check Inventory to ensure orders can be completed, and prepare for future orders in advance.
  2. Provide input on manageability of scheduling requirements based on:
    • Staffing levels
    • Machine schedules
    • Product availability
    • Deadlines for orders at each stage of the job
  1. Reports and resolves ALL scheduling conflicts with the VP Operations.
  2. Compile and Report all shortages to Purchasing and VP Operations.
  3. Ensure all art work is completed, approved and ready for the production team to process.
  4. Determine daily staffing requirements with the Printing Supervisor for each work area within the printing department.
    • Assign staff to appropriate work area as required on a per job basis
    • Organize and rotate staff within assigned work areas with minimal production disruption
    • Review daily work orders and production requirements with staff as required
    • Maintain production area organization
    • Ensure staff tidy and organize work areas throughout the shift
    • Assign daily clean up crew
    • Assure proper use of scrap & recycling bins
  1. Take corrective action for manufacturing issues, immediately as they occur. Involve HR.
  2. Appropriately escalate information for larger manufacturing issues.
  3. Complete daily log/tracking sheets and forward to VP Operations.
  4. Complete daily production time sheets and forward to VP Operations.
  5. Provide or arrange as required with the Printing Supervisor:
  • Start up training for newly hired staff
    • Essential job skills
    • Hamsar procedures
    • Product training
    • Job Safety requirements
  • Ongoing and expanded training for existing staff
      • Skills enhancement
      • New product training
      • New process implementation and training
      • Added machinery training
      • Job Safety requirements
  1. Assist HR and Supervisor in:
    • Maintain Training Matrix
    • Testing of staff as required and directed
    • Monitor skill level development of all staff
    • Review training requirements
    • Identify new training requirements and aid in the development of training processes
  1. Complete & Conduct Performance Appraisal on a regular basis for your production staff. Review PA with HR and meet with the employee to review.
  1. Open communication with staff members, follow an open door policy.
  2. Report production or product issues to VP Operations as required.
  3. Report inventory issues to Purchasing.
  4. Work in conjunction with Receiving and Shipping dept.
  5. Work in conjunction with other team leaders for staffing requirements.

Health and Safety and Environmental:

Observe health and safety and environmental requirements of the company while on the job at all times.  Wear protective equipment as required and report any unsafe actions to supervisor immediately

Other Duties:

Aid in production work – limited.

Other duties as assigned by the Management.