Management Team

Don Bartlett, General Manager

Roman Perdec, Vice President of Engineering

A strong foundation in electronics and the ability to listen to the customer were just two of many assets Roman Perdec brought with him to the Hamsar management team. His commitment to put customers first and a belief that the end product should be as good as your word have helped to shape Hamsar’s make it right” philosophy.

Garrie Eloriaga, Vice President of Product Development and Operations

Garrie’s engineering background brought him to Hamsar in the early 90’s, but the combination of education and experience gained by working in departments throughout the company is what has given him the skills he uses so successfully today. He heads a workforce that comprises a high percentage of long-time employees with very little turnover – an enviable accomplishment for any manufacturer.

Jeff Smith, Vice President of Sales

Jeff’s most valuable asset is his experience and commitment to building strong relationships, focusing on customer’s needs and timely delivery of a great product.  With his 25+ years in sales he brings great insight in dealing with customers, process development, sales growth and ensuring Hamsar continues to be known as a global leader in Lighting and Electronics.