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New LED Work Lights – XWL-800/HO & XWL-810

No more blinding, gradual illumination in 3 seconds to full power. 

Burlington Ontario – Hamsar Diversco Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the XWL-800/HO Soft Start and XWL-810  Soft Start LED WORK LIGHTS. These heavy duty lights eliminate blinding with their gradual illumination of 0 to 3 seconds to reach full power.

The XWL-800/HO & 810 Soft Start Work Lights sustain a 3 second interval before reaching and maintaining full illumination (2500 or 1260, respectively). This gradual illumination allows the eyes to adjust to the bright light, improving productivity. The steady transition from low to high power also reduces the “in rush current”, improving electronic components and easing the load on existing wiring and battery. The lights remain rugged, compact and mountable with 4-2 channel mount systems, respectively.

The  XWL-800/HO & 810 Soft Start are housed in die-cast aluminum and have a polycarbonate lens, making them virtually unbreakable. The XWL-800/HO Soft Start is equipped with the unique 4 channel mount system. Meaning, should the light be struck by a boulder or tree log, the light will most likely break off at the bracket but still remain operational. Operators can simply get a new bracket and remount the light at the next channel mount, essentially getting 4 lives in 1! Th XWL-810 has a 2 channel mounting system.

While both operate between 12 to 24 volts, the XWL-800 draws 1.8 amps at 12 volts and delivers a high lumen output of 2500. The XWL-810 draws 1.2 amps at 12 volts, with 1260 lumen output. The XWL-800/HO & 810 Soft Start are available in 4 beam patterns, spot, medium flood, wide flood and hybrid spot/flood. Both LED work lights are ideal for mining, construction, agriculture, military and other heavy duty applications.

Hamsar Diversco Inc. manufactures high quality automotive lighting and innovative electronic solutions for the global O.E. and automotive aftermarket industry.

81904 XWL-800 HO Soft Start

81904 XWL-800 HO Soft Start

"4 Lives in 1" Mount System

“4 Lives in 1” Mount System

81274 XWL-810 Soft Start

81274 XWL-810 Soft Start